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When security and protection matter most.

Personal Bodyguard

You're a very important person. And your company and its employees need you way more than you imagine. That's why your personal safety must be a top priority at all times.

Are you planning to travel to a foreign destination — to a location you've not visited before? Maybe you frequently travel to different countries on business.

Danger and threats lurk pretty much everywhere. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. That's why executives like you need a highly trained personal bodyguard 24/7, 365 days a year. Your bodyguard should be someone with military training or some police background.

We offer a personal bodyguard service. Whether you need personal bodyguard services for yourself, your executives, or family, we can help you. Whether foreign or domestic or any type of event, we stand ready to serve you. All our agents have enough of the right kind of training to ensure you remain shielded from danger at all times. They’re agile and respond super-fast to personal threats so you can stay safe and secure.

Private Black Car Service

Taxi services have been around for years. For instance, Uber, a mobile app-run worldwide taxi business, is used by lots of people these days. But there's a reason many important people prefer our black car service.

Have you ever wondered why black car service remains the preferred option for a certain category of people? It's because the agents are highly trained and have passed the most stringent vetting process. Additionally, they carry sufficient insurance, and the cars are always in tip-top condition.

With taxis, you're not 100% sure about your safety. The driver could be anybody from anywhere with any kind of criminal record.

With us, you get access to well-maintained cars chauffeured by some of the finest agents in the world. Each of them has been carefully handpicked to ensure all our clients travel safely and securely.

Our drivers have been tested and found fit to drive safely in all kinds of terrains. And the vehicles never disappoint. Plus, our private black car service includes an executive armed guard with each driver. Trust our expertise to always get you to your meetings and events so that you'll never miss any of them or arrive late.

Armored Car Service

There's one thing that pretty much all executives worry about — RISK. Luckily, you can easily access various kinds of intelligence packages that cover all kinds of risk.

But with some risks, you need a different kind of insurance. Imagine carrying a hefty amount of cash to the bank in today's increasingly dangerous world. Or moving precious investments such as precious metals from point A to point B.

You realize you can lose your deposit, documents, or other valuables. But it's a frightening thought. In fact, it's a thought you never want to entertain for more than a fleeting nanosecond.

But why fret over the safety of your treasures when all the expertise and help you need is just a call away? We provide secure, well-maintained armored cars driven by security-conscious drivers.

Our armored car service translates into efficiency and maximum safety for your valuables. We want you to have complete peace-of-mind even when your valuables are between two risk-laden locations.

Why trust us? It's because we understand security and safety more than we do anything else. It's also because we can provide a list of happy clients that have used our services before. Just ask!

Personal Jet Service

Air travel comes with a whole lot of challenges. But when you bring experience and expertise to bear on those problems, you get completely pain-free travel. The best personal jet service provider understands that every client is different and their needs are different, too.

With us, every client is an opportunity to showcase our 20+ combined years of experience in the private jet service space. Upon requesting service, our fine-tuned processes and procedures instantly go into gear. And you get affordable custom solutions for your needs along with an armed pilot to ensure maximum protection as you travel. No matter how simple or involved your plans might be, we'll work with you to craft a solution that sufficiently serves all your interests.

We know what you seek: exclusivity and comfort. We need you to know you'll get them both plus a lot more. Whether you’re interested in using only one private jet or a fleet, we got you covered.

What if you need our services in a foreign city? No worries, we have connections all over the world. Your travel will always be seamless and enjoyable no matter the destination.

Helicopter Transportation

Planes are very useful machines, but not all planes are created equal. Hiring a fixed-wing plane for private use delivers a whole load of flexibility. However, this option comes with certain limitations. Such a plane needs to land on well-serviced airports. And that means there are quite a few destinations you can’t use it for.

A helicopter is the ultimate solution for when you need to access hard-to-reach locations. Such places may include mountaintops or helipads sitting atop the tallest buildings in bustling cities. You'll also safely land on unpaved or glass-covered strips. Plus, helicopters are the kind of aircraft best suited for aerial tourism and photography.

The beauty of using a helicopter is that all you need to do is show up and fly away. It’s a hugely convenient point-to-point travel solution. Whether you wish to attend a business meeting or connect to an airport or carry time-sensitive documents, talk to us.

We provide time-critical charters to all kinds of destinations so you can experience timesaving, affordable, pain-free air travel. Our job is to connect you with limitless convenience so you can be more, do more, and have more.

Contact us today. You'll get secure, trackable, fast delivery of all kinds of consignments on a global scale.

Special Intelligent Evaluation Packages

Your home needs to be a safe haven where you and your loved ones find comfort and peace every day. But burglars are always devising new ways to break into homes and steal valuables.

It's critical to have the most solid and secure doors installed. But that's not enough. You should incorporate into your doors intelligent access solutions that add another layer of security.

We'll come out and inspect your home to assess all possible risks before recommending any security solution. Then and only then will we advise you on what intelligent access solutions you should install. Our security assessment is carried out by real experts who've spent years focusing on this sort of work.

Once we identify where your home needs support, we'll help you formulate a comprehensive solution that keeps your home under 24/7 surveillance. That will ward off burglars, and your family will enjoy the full tranquility that comes with living in an intelligently secured home.

We offer intelligent evaluation packages for homes, churches, schools, workplaces, and more.

Emergency Response Team

While emergencies don't happen every day, they're not rare. You need to be prepared in every way so you can move swiftly and prevent property loss or damage. Also, your employees need to be taken care of. That's why you should have a well-trained emergency response team in place.

It's likely that you have an emergency response team as part of your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery strategy. But unless you're a very large company, your team is a small group of typical employees.

Such individuals may have received training to prep them for when disasters strike. But it's highly unlikely they've received specific special ops training. You're a commercial entity after all, and increasing sales is your primary concern.

And that's where our proven emergency responsiveness comes into play. We'll sit down with you and design a strategy that takes care of every critical aspect securely, swiftly, and safely. This service aims to help you get back on your feet quickly while ensuring your employees are safe and protected.

Heirloom Transportation

Your family history goes back years. Along the way, your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have amassed quite a collection of valuable items.

What's the value of that ring your grandpa left you? How about those 100+-year-old chairs reminiscent of a long-gone era? Or those irreplaceable gold rings your family has held closely for generations?

All these items are precious to you, and you want to keep them forever. But they're not as easy to handle as other items you own. Some are quite breakable, and others are fragile. Much care is required when it comes to handling such items, particularly during a move.

But don't agonize over how to pack and transport heirloom valuables when that's something we do with ease. We have the experience and dexterity needed to ensure your treasures stay intact throughout travel.

We'll even show you how you can store them appropriately using specially designed padded cases. Contact us today and stop worrying about losing the only connection you have with your family's great past.

Personal Protection Guards

Our personal protection guards are way more than the typical bodyguard. They're extremely well-trained agents who understand all the nuts and bolts of personal protection. With our agents, you get first-rate personal protection that guarantees your personal safety and peace-of-mind.

We're licensed and adequately insured, and all our agents are thoroughly vetted. We understand that our agents will be an important part of your private life. With that in mind, we assign you people who understand what complete discretion means.

You can rest assured that every aspect of your privacy is protected. And you can go to bed every night knowing your life is safe and secure.

Your needs are different than those of any other client we have. And we take that into consideration when designing your personal protection plan. Our agents handle every situation with maximum discretion and professionalism, leaving you feeling 100% satisfied. They're masters at devising quick solutions aimed at mitigating violence, active shooters, and other kinds of personal threats. Talk to us today.

Unarmed Guards

What would anyone want unarmed guards for? It's easy to think that a guard should always be armed to be effective. But there are situations where it's best to use unarmed guards.

It's been found that the presence of armed guards tends to trigger attacks. And in some cases, security agents and the driver get killed. Amidst all that, the client's valuables are stolen.

That's why it’s becoming common to use unarmed guards. Such guards are typically in uniform, and their physical presence often deters crime and other potentially dangerous situations.

Our unarmed guards control the gates and access, only letting authorized people in. In addition, all of them have received CPR and first aid training. That equips them to respond fast during emergencies, helping people before the emergency response team arrives.

For the most part, our unarmed guards' job is to observe and report. It's to spot any suspicious activity and report it so appropriate decisions can be made.

How May We Help You Today?

We offer all these services with passion and enthusiasm. Our clients' safety, security, and satisfaction are our principal aim. We're not the only company that offers these services, of course. However, once you experience what it's like to work with us, you'll want to sign a longer contract.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can protect you, your loved ones, your business, employees, and property. Whether you're a CEO, oil & gas executive, jeweler, or a high-value sportsperson, we've got you covered.